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Cook to visit China again, the ApplePay and Alipay cooperation pushed the cusp, although results are not yet confirmed, the industry has long been an outcry. October 2014 ApplePay on line in the United States, just two months to occupy the United States had to pay 1% of the share online, less than six months will have more than 70 million shop access, and thus attracted Google and Samsung to follow suit.
cheap real canada goose jackets Early in the ApplePay on the line, it will be heard in China and Payment Terms negotiation message, Cook described the Chinese market has long coveted. But early last year, China UnionPay on excessive charges and Apple refused to cooperate, in the free popular Chinese market, Apple has made impressive achievements in product sales, may want to pay a share of the mobile market, and even tried to change the existing pattern of Chinese mobile payment, I am afraid only shake their dream.
ApplePay hard to change the pay status of China Mobile
ApplePay in the US market, "good start",buy canada goose new york does not mean that the Chinese market will be highly respected. Although the United States is the birthplace of many new technologies, but in the mobile payments did not go too far, because of consumer worries about security, and even business worldwide Paypal payment is also just stay on the line. Apple launched the Passbook application in 2012, released the Touch ID technology in 2013, after two years of preparation ApplePay only little success. In the Chinese market, the situation is very different, technology and security is not the biggest obstacles to mobile payments, ApplePay facing deeper challenges.
1, intricate fight China Mobile paid
Water in China seems to be more mobile payment cloudy,canada goose outlet toronto address with electricity providers started Alipay a single large, occupied 79.9 percent of the market share, the micro-channel pay by social living is followed, although the market share is not prominent. In the following echelon, Baidu wallet menacing, Kara stiff and dead, UMPAY, wing payments, quick money, a series of payments, the market is quite active weak. Suning Tesco, Jingdong have launched their own payment platform, and even millet also attractive. The monopoly behind these platforms as well as CUP and eyeing each bank.
Apple's clever is that,canada goose outlet parka first tried and CUP cooperation, failed and then spread in hand Alipay news. But no matter what form, in the US market may be in Google, Samsung, two direct rival, but in the Chinese market is a fight.

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