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their particular fragrances with writeups about their features which will aid you in adjudging Nike Air Max TN perfume compatibility together with your personality.Nike Air shoe is not for everyone wearing Nike Air shoes, mainly Nike shoes with air cushion shoes, Nike Air technology was first applied to athletic shoes in 1983, when the introduction of the first pair of NIKE shoes, Nike Air Force 1 air basketball shoes, Nike, this is history an aircushion shoes on first. The compressed air is applied to the basketball shoe, the main purpose is to shock, that is, to reduce the time athletes in the cheap Louis Vuitton bags shells fall to face the pace of the impact, from the Nike Air Force 1 and Nike to bring the team was the fact that successful proved Nike Air shoes are very good results, especially the rapid movement of athletes foot and the whole body by greatly reducing the impact. When is the Nike Air dress shoes are not for everyone, of which there are many causes. First, Nike shoes air is mainly designed for professional athletes, that is, highspeed movement emphasized the enormous impact, and we ordinary people far below the intensity of professional athletes. Everyday wear it is Louis Vuitton Handbags Outlet mainly walking, walking and jogging based, so the exercise intensity is almost not constitute much of an impact force, there is not an appropriate impact human health must be, and have yet to be scientists to study, we were very shallow understand this: If we human beings are walking in the ground than the carpet has a soft, Louis Vuitton Shoes longterm activities in the walk under these conditions, the people must be detrimental. This will accelerate the degradation of human beings, and nature may not have close contact, and as long as living in the weightlessness of space. My understanding is no good, proper impact is needed. Nike Air shoes, of course, reach this result, when the daily walk of life there is no need to use aircushioned shoes to reduce the impact of the ground because of human adaptation to the natural attraction of the Earth, which is adapted to this natural human impact. Another point, the design of sports shoes Nike Air wearer weight is 75 kilograms. We are ordinary Chinese people are able to meet this standard of weight, so the damping effect of aircushion shoes, almost ignored. Of course, aircushioned shoes, wearing down the steps or in the Louis Vuitton Handbags high jump when, Louis Vuitton Mens Wallet or very effective, especially young people Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 like to jump, like jumping, so wearing shoes, or have a good air damping effect.