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Featured Product local 12-2021


Featured Product             New- Video of 8x6x17 Vortex Pump Handling Fiberous Material

The horizontal dry pit 100% recessed impeller vortex pump is our featured product. The ESSCO model 4x12 HDP horizontal dry pit pump in stainless steel construction is shown in the picture on the left. This heavy duty horizontal pump has been a main stay of the ESSCO product line for many years. ESSCO has been designing and manufacturing recessed style impeller horizontal pumps since 1980. ESSCO includes all the features dictated by the needs of our customers in the area of wear and abrasion resistance and has improved on many of these features. ESSCO surveyed their valued customers prior to designing this series of pumps to eliminate the problems they experienced using other manufacturer’s products. Customer suggestions were instrumental in the design of this product. After final assembly of the first units customers were invited to the factory to inspect the units. Additional suggestions were incorporated into the final design the pump, which proved to be a remarkable contribution to a well designed product. ESSCO has always had a policy of listening to our customers and implementing product changes when it makes sense to do so. ESSCO manufactures these units in various soft and hard metals with a wide variety of options to meet our customers needs.

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