ESSCO offers a complete line of severe duty submersible 100% recessed impeller vortex pumps. These units are designed with extra heavy wall cross sections and extra thickness in the internal wear areas. Each unit is capable of handling long stringy material, large size solids and are especially suited for handling slurries. ESSCO TUFSUB™ pumps incorporate the vortex pumping action along with a unique pump design which allows for the greatest solids handling efficiency and construction flexibility in the submersible pump field. These units are manufactured by using "State of the Art" technology to produce higher quality castings for longer wear life.

VOLUTE: Each volute is engineered for maximum life in severe duties.ESSCO utilizes a split volute design which allows for lower replacement parts cost. Each volute has extra material in high wear areas. Casing thickness is up to 1" in highest wear area.

SUCTION COVER: The TUFSUB™ design incorporates the use of a separate suction cover.

The use of a suction cover will allow for lower replacement parts cost by replacing only the piece which is worn-out (i.e., volute or suction cover). An additional feature is that by simply changing the suction cover, the liquid end can be converted into a horizontal or vertical dry pit pump unit. This is especially advantageous when the user wishes to standardize on one type of pump for various services. This allows for a lower number of spare parts to be maintained for emergency situations.

IMPELLER: ESSCO pumps are available with various impeller designs to allow for high capacity low head or low capacity high head applications. ESSCO utilizes investment cast impellers for higher casting density and thicker vanes and back shrouds which allow for maximum life. By use of the JLI manufacturing techniques, ESSCO offers trimmed impellers in extremely hard and difficult to handle alloys. By use of this production technique, impellers can be machined to act as a shredder (for solids coming in contact with the eye of the impeller) or machined to handle solids more delicate in nature.

WEAR PLATE: The ESSCO TUFSUB™ comes standard with a wear plate located behind the impeller. The wear plate is designed to protect the motor bracket and mechanical seal from particle erosion. The wear plate can also act as a barrier for a seal flushing fluid when a simple wear plate is not sufficient protection against wear created by the pumped media. Again ESSCO utilizes the JLI production method for manufacturing this pump component to ensure the best possible casting quality and material density.

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